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Bruno Janssens has many years ‘ experience treating sports and athletes. He was as therapist active in the first division of the Belgian Volleyball competition of CompuBooks Dilbeek .In his teenage years, he swam in the Belgian national league. Here he experienced what top sport means.

He developed his own views on the treatment of top sports injuries due to additional training at The Bakala Academy (bicycle analysis), and the centre of SmartEducation (run analysis)

Osteopathy takes care of both repairing and preventing the risk of injuries. The treatment of the osteopath is individual to each and every athlete. Examination and treatment is not only focused on the location of the injury, but to the entire movement  system. Loss of movement somewhere in the body can have major consequences for sport performance. It also increases the risk on injuries.

An osteopath detects this loss of movement and repairs it before problems can arise. This way the athlete can continue to perform optimally. The treatment frequency is tailored to the individual needs of the athlete. The injury is placed in a larger picture. This allows the cause of the problem to be specifically addressed.

Also, the repair or recovery, we can promote with osteopathic techniques. In addition, the technique of heart coherence can offer relief during recovery and also promote the concentration before a competition.

Bruno provide, after an osteopathic screening, exprt advice and treatment for the athlete but also transfer his know-how and expertise to coaches and trainers, sports clubs, personal coaches and colleagues therapists.

In his home base of Dilbeek (Vlaams-Brabant, Brussels), he co-operate with the sports doctor Luc in Itterbeek, from In addition to expert sports research also the collaboration with colleagues, sports physiotherapists in the area are important to optimize the osteopathic treatment. In addition, he supports the medical staff of the Basketball Club of Asse-Ternat (first national).

In practice, in Dilbeek Bruno receives support from a sports osteopath, Alexander Van den Bergh.

For the region of Antwerp (Wilrijk), he works in conjunction with the Sports Performance Center Antwerp. There, Bruno will rely on the co-operation with the top kine Koen Embrechts and a strong team of sports physiotherapists. In this practice, a lot of professional athletes are accompanied, among others, Antwerp Giants, the Beach duo Koekelkoren-van Walle and many of the other athletes. In this practice, Bruno also receives the support of the sports osteopath Thomas Faes.

For osteopathic sports screening guidance, advice, and treatment, you can visit 2 locations in Flanders.