A check-up before the pregnancy by the osteopath is advisable. He checks if the body is in good balance. This way we can intercept the physical changes which are associated with a pregnancy, and which reduces the change of complaints.

Even when getting pregnant is somehow difficult and there is no obvious medical cause, the osteopath can have an important role.

Blockades in the lower back and the pelvis have a negative influence on both the mobility as the blood flow and the nervousnes of all structures in this region.

Tension at the height of the skull has among other things an influence on the hormone production. This way we van for example treat fixations, hormonal fluctuations, irregular menstrual cycles, uterine tilt, …

During pregnancy the body undergoes a lot of changes, the body is constantly changing itself to the growing baby. Present movement losses can make adjustment difficult causing certain problems or reinforcing existing complaints.

  • complaints or pain at the height of the pelvis whether or not accompanied by instability
  • pain at the height of the pelvic joints or lower back
  • pain in the buttock with or without radiation
  • pain at the height of the pubic bone
  • pain when taking stairs
  • less power in the legs
  • pain in the groin
  • headache / neck pain
  • obstipation and other digestive problems
  • pain around the ribs and diaphragm – trouble breathing
  • persistent nausea / stubborn morning sickness – reflux
  • breech location: NO manual rotating, all structures are restored in their elacity and mobility to maximize the chance of a spontaneous rotation.

Even when there are no specific complaints, a check-up with the osteopath is advisable. The mobility, nervousness and blood flow will be optimized with the view of the smoothest possible delivery.

Giving birth is both for the mother as for the baby a very intense event.

Our body endures a lot during giving birth, in a short period the pelvis endures many influential forces.

When there stays an imbalance after birth, this may lead to differtent complaints in a short or long period of time:

  • pelvic problems
  • pain at the height of the tailbone
  • neck- and back complaints
  • bladderproblems
  • stomach and intestinal complaints

As an osteopath we help you to restore this imbalance.

Even without any specific complaints it is advisable to have a control treatment considering the impact of the delivery process.

For complaints about breastfeeding it is advised to treat the baby. Often suction or swollowing problems and/or preferred attitude play a major role in this.