Osteopathy and heart coherence

Don’t give STRESS a chance

Stress, stress, stress. Nobody wants stress, but still everyone is susceptible to it. According to the WHO is stress even the biggest health epidemic of the 21st century. Who still takes sufficient time for THEMSELVES?

In the daily practice we do see a lot of stress-related complaints who are both influenced by our work situation as by our private life. Those complaints can be very varied. For example hyperventilation, burn-out, depression, tension headache, chronic back pain, upset stomach, and so on… Luckly the osteopath has a lot of differtent techniques and insights with which he can positively influence the stress on body and soul.

That’s why a therapist attaches great importances to recognizing the signals of stress who have influance on our general WELL BEING. By detecting blockages in the body and feeling them, the patient is being made AWARE of these tensions. Via manual techniques we stimulate the soothing nerve system causing a cronical stress situation to improve. This causes your body to become more resilient and have more elasticity.

But as patient you can do something about it YOURSELF aswell.

Trough a simple scientifically based breathing exercise named HEART COHERENCE you can influence stress. We teach the patient to breath consciously trough a calm abdominal breathing exercise at a certain rhytm and frequency. The therapist uses therefore a feedback device. This way you can see your own stress level and adjust it right away in your exercise.

In the  initial phase we install an app as tool to practice the exercise at home. The intention is that you will practice the exercise daily. Two to three times a day during six minutes (or ten minutes depending on the number of times). In this period we evaluate regularly the evolution with a new measurement. This way we can adjust when necessary.

When the patient exercises frequently, after a couple of weeks the patient indicates that they feel “better” and much more resilient, less stressed, sleep better, fewer physical complaints. From experience we know that this can be the perfect moment to focus even more on coaching, physchological guidance and acquire new insights.


The advantage is that we combine the method of hearth coherence in our practice with the osteopathic techniques who reduces that stress. We also regularly work together with burn-out coaches, psychologists, doctors, other therapists and so on to make the patient more resilient and give them more elasticity. The HEARTH COHERENCE technique is a scientifically proven tool that has effect. The most important is that you go for it YOURSELF and tackle this ennoying STRESS TOGETHER with us.

Together we don’t give stress a chance!