The process of a pregnancy and giving birth has a hugh influence on the development of the baby.

During this time certain problems may arise.

What can we understand under ‘problems during pregnancy and/or giving birth’?

  • position of the baby during pregnancy and giving birth (stargazer, breech location)
  • initiating the birth, pushing on the belly
  • a very difficult birth or giving birth to soon
  • problems with the umbilical cord
  • medical interventionn during birth (ventouse, cesarean section, …)
  • prematurity

These problems can cause specific complaints.

  • preferred attitude– fe: always looking to the same side
  • (hidden) reflux – difficult burp – often hiccup
  • cramps – diarrhea – constipation
  • frequently crying – cry baby
  • difficulties with feeding, both breastfeeding as artificial food
  • suction- and swallowing problems
  • sleeping disorder – not wanting to lay on the back
  • being restless – often being scared
  • crossing over
  • asymmetrie of the skull or face

Even without any specific complaints it is advisable to have a control treatment of the newborn, and this from about 6 weeks after birth.