Informations about refund of osteopathy:

Because the osteopathic care is not (yet) included in the “mandatory healt care insurance” (RIZIV), the refund is being organized since 2000 by the mutualities (health care funds) via their “additional insurance”.

Some osteopaths who are recognized by the mutualities, are qualified to have refund. The Enerki osteopaths Bruno Janssens, Laura Lemmens and Michèle Verezele are registered by the Ministery of Health and are recognized by the mutualities to have a refund for their patients.

Therefore they received an approval number (095…). After every consultation you will recceive an unfirm “certificate osteopathy” from your osteopath which you can hand over to your mutuality. There is a refund of 10 EUR per consultation with a minimum of 5 consultations and a maximum of 10 consultations per calender year. The amount and the number of interventions can slightly vary depending on your mutuality.

Some additional insurances (DKV…) provide, in specific policies, in a higher refund of osteopathic care. We therefore adivse you to contact your insurance company to get some more information.