2019 – Participation The Longest Day for Think Pink

Last couple of years we were able to donate about 15000 euros to among others KOTK, Bednet, Think-Pink etc.

This yeatr we accept the challange again with The Longest Day In Spa for Think Pink. For this we want to collect as much money as possible to support the fight against breast cancer.

Do you want to support our team and also combat against breast cancer, then this can be done by depositing a gift on the bank account of Think-Pink. Gifts above 40 euros are aswell tax-deductible.
Supporting our team and Think Pink is possible via following link https://www.think-pink.be/nl/acties/et/et/1668

or directly on IBAN: 57 0015 7587 5235 with the mention Sponsoring Team IN CADANS – The Longest Day