Bruno Janssens

Wie is Bruno Janssens

Bruno Janssens is an osteopath with more than 20 years of experience.

He graduated in 1996 as Osteopathe DO-MROB at The International Academy of Osteopathy after the preparatory training physiotherapy.

After 3 years as sports physiotherapist at the 1st Class volley-ball competition Bruno started the group office ENERKI.

His experience and following many specialties in inland and abroad made him the qualified therapist he is today.

Bruno looks at a person in his TOTALITY. As therapist he searchs together with the patient for the best way to restore the imbalance between body and soul.


  • 1991 Specialization sports physiotheraphy + taping
  • 1991 Color acupuncture and Bachblossom therapy
  • 1993 Orthomolecular nutritional advice (VIOW)
  • 2001 Clinical Kinesiology  (Beuckels Jean-Marie DO)
  • 2015 Running Smart (Smarteducation) Stijn De Mot- Robbie Billen
  • 2015 Fascial system in osteopathy (Pro-Osteo) professor Peter Schwindt DO- Jean-Marie Beuckels DO- Bernd Kleuters DO- Rene Zweedijk DO- Diana of Zon Fascial Fitness Trainer- Stefano Casadei DO-Frank Vermeulen
  • 2016 Bike Fitting (Bakala Academy Leuven)
  • 2017 Silver Bullets (Pro-Osteo) Professor Philippe Van Caille