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2018 – 2nd Family day

This day was again a major success: 350 sympathizers. Besides the Brasserrunners from Schepdaal, also the Ga-lopers from Dilbeek run along. And a lot of walkers registered for our ...
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The office “St-Alena” is situated at St-Alenalaan 15 .

This is situated in a beautiful green environment with the pond, the park and the impressive city hall.

You can easily reach the office via the Ninoofse road or via the highway E19 exit 12 (Dilbeek) or exit 13 (Dilbeek).

There is parking place in front of the door and within walking distance there are large car parks where you can park for free. (with blue parking card)

In this office all the team members from Enerki work on changing days. Have a look further in our online booking system when your chosen therapist is available.

Due to the enormous growth of the office Enerki it was required we searched an extra treament office.

From March 2019 osteopath Bruno Janssens treats (next to certain days in St Alena) his patients also at his home address. (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday)

The office “Lange Haag” is situated at Lange Haagstraat 62 (also at Dilbeek).

This is situated next to the railway station of Dilbeek and at about 2 kms from exit 12 of highway E19.

Via the Ninoofse steenweg it is best to take the exit Bodegemstraat. Via the Rondenboswijk you reach Lange Haagstraat.

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