Michèle Verzele

Wie is Michèle Verzele

From December 2018 Michèle has reinforced the team of Enerki at Dilbeek. And Michèle is extending her specialization in hearth coherention in combination with osteopathy. She also supports the osteopathy office and has more than 10 years of experience with adults as with babies and children.

In 2008 Michèle graduated in osteopathy (D.O.) at The International Academy of Osteopathy at Ghent. Her bachelor degree (Bachelor of Science with Honours in Osteopathic Medicine) was awarded by the University of Wales at Cardiff.


  • 2007 Fascial treatment scars IAO Gent Dr De Mayer
  • 2009 Basic education Applied Kinesiology, Zenith Diest, Geert Drenth Osteopath
  • 2009-2011 Osteopathy for babies, children and pregnant women, Panta Rhei The Netherlands
  • 2010-2013 Nutrition & Vitality, East West Centre Antwerp
  • 2013 Short lever manipulations, FICO Antwerp Prof Laurie Hartman
  • 2013 Which information during pregnancy and birth can point us to possible osteopatic problems? FICO Antwerp Frank De Bakker Osteopath
  • 2014-2016 Myofascial Therapy/Dry Needling, Trigger vzw Oostkamp Jan Pattyn Myofasciaal therapist / Dr Kris Demanet
  • 2017 Education hearth coherence coach, Yes! Coaching and training, Louis Van Nieuland
  • 2017 Revised mid-range spinal manipulations techniques for female osteopaths, FICO Antwerp Lucia Pereira Osteopath
  • 2018 Osteopathy with babies and children: the essentials, The Practice Academy Hanne De Ruyck Osteopath
  • 2018 The importence of the intestinal flora, The Practice Academy Geert Spiloes Osteopath
  • 2018 Osteopathy Only and Only Osteopathy, The Practice Academy Philip De Foer Osteopath
  • 2018-2021 Education Causo Fraction, The Practice Academy Christopher IMJ Read DCP-FF