Bruno Janssens has build years of expertise in treating athletes and top athletes. As therapist he worked in the first class of the Belgian Volley-ball competition for CompuBooks Dilbeek. In his teens he swim with the Belgian national competition. This way he experienced personally what top sport is.

He developped his proper vision on treating top sport injuries partly by his additional trainings in the Bakala Academy (bicycle analysis) and the training center  SmartEducation (running analysis).

Osteopathy ensures both the recovery as the prevention of injuries. The treatment of the osteopath is adjusted to each athlethe personally. Research and treatment is not only focussed on the place of the injure but on the entire locomotor apparatus. Mobility loss somewhere in the body can have major consequences for the sports performance. It also increases the chance of injuries.

The osteopath tracks down this mobility loss and recovers it before problems can arise. This way the athlete can continue to perform optimal. The treatment frequency is being adapted on the individual needs of the athlete. The injurie is being placed in its bigger picture. This way the cause of the specific problem can be treated.

Also the recovery or recuperation can be promoted with osteopatic techniques. Beside the technique of the heart coherence can offer relief with recuperation and can aswell promote the concentration before a competition.

When treating athletes Bruno works together with for excercise testings and with Personal Drive for individual or grouptreatment.